Risk Disclosure Statement

Risk Disclosure Statement

Golden Coin Company (GCC) | Risk Disclosure Statement

The investing and collecting of Precious Metals involves risk. The following statement will attempt but cannot disclose all the risks involved in the purchase or sale of Physical Precious Metals Bullion and Numismatic Products. The precious metals market is speculative, unregulated and volatile and prices for these items may rise or fall over time. You should obtain an understanding of coin, bullion and numismatic products before you acquire these products as a collector or investor. The price of precious metals changes daily and there are absolutely no guarantees that the purchase price will increase following purchase. Moreover, it should always be kept in mind that what may be attractive and appropriate for one individual may involve risks that are totally unacceptable for another individual and therefore the purchase of these products may not be suitable for everyone. You should enter into agreement to purchase said products only if you thoroughly research and understand this type of activity and you are fully aware of the potential for loss. As in any area of ownership, the chances for success in the purchase and sale of said products are influenced not only by the risks involved in such activities, but how well those risks are understood. You should only acquire products from GCC if you are competent or qualified to make your own financial decisions and understand the risks as well as the opportunities. GCC does not guarantee that any product a client purchases will retain any or all of its current value in the future nor is past performance indicative of future value. 
Since bullion and numismatic coins can decline in value; you should have adequate cash reserves and disposable income before considering acquiring precious metals. Only those individuals who are capable of sustaining the financial loss from the purchase of a potentially depreciating asset should consider purchasing precious metals. Upon entering the market, the risk of loss is the clients.

GCC is not responsible for any changes in tax laws or other statutes. The Tax consequences to you on product transactions may differ on a case-by-case basis. Because of the importance of tax consideration to all product transactions, you should consult with your tax advisor as to how your taxes may be affected by the outcome of the contemplated purchases and/or sales, before entering into any agreement to purchase.

In conclusion, before you open an account with GCC we urge you to thoroughly research and understand the risk that investing and collecting in precious metals involves and the type of activity in which you, as a client, are engaging in.

Detach and return this form to GCC and retain the Risk Disclosure Statement for you records.

By signing and returning the form below you acknowledge that you have read and understand GCC’s Risk Disclosure Statement.
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