I'm very grateful for Golden Coin Company's assistance in converting my bullion coins to private metal. 

Dan McVay always gives me great information regarding the market and how trends can benefit me. Not only does Dan personally select coins for me, he has twice actually visited me in my home to deliver them.

I trust Dan and Golden Coin Company for their counsel and for providing me with the coins which will be a good store of value. I'm a very happy, satisfied customer. It is always a pleasure to work with Dana and Dan.

Kindest regards,
S.F. California

I have had the pleasure of doing business with your company through Dan.
I can't give you anything specific, but I have a good feeling about your company. I enjoyed the brochures you sent and especially the video
about the difference between money and currency. Excellent. 

I only wish that your location was closer so that I could stop in for a visit.
Thanks for the card.

M. Blatt
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