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  • 18 Nov, 2015


What are your goals? Long-term investment? Hedging against inflation? Protection against the collapse of a paper economy? An education fund for the kids? Short-term insurance against volatility in other markets? Something to put away? Beginning or adding to a top quality coin collection? Each one of the scenarios mentioned above is an excellent reason for a hard-asset portfolio, but each one requires a different strategy for maximizing profit potential. Let our experience work for you! Let GCC custom-build your portfolio to precisely suit your unique needs. You’ll be glad you did.


Once we have placed high quality gold coins into your portfolio, only half of our job is done. Some day, you may to want to liquidate part or all of your holdings. When that time comes we are here to assist you with proper market timing, getting the best possible prices, selecting which coins to sell looking at the viability of a like-kind tax-free trade, and the options to maximize your bottom line. As your portfolio manager, we will stay in touch on a monthly basis; keeping you abreast of current market situations.

We offer a free in-depth appraisal and analysis of your coins. We do this at no cost to you as this is how we start our process of customer service and earning your business. Do you know where your portfolio stands? Are you in the best segment of the market? Have you gained or lost equity? These factors are essential to know in holding precious metals. Our numismatists are professionals in the market place to give you those answers. When we appraise your current portfolio we will make recommendations based on our numismatists experience, coin knowledge, and inside expert knowledge of the precious metals market. Our Senior Portfolio Managers discuss each individual clients needs as well as our view of the current national and international situation. Whether the non-certified coins that you hold be liquidated, submitted for third party grading, or if we find that your portfolio is already ideal in every way, GCC has the solutions. If there are improvements needed, we will advise

you on the proper diversification for maximum upside potential and preservation of your wealth. Many of our clients have described this service as an invaluable tool in determining their custom needs.

We provide a computerized report detailing every coin, date, description, grade, rarity, quantity and totals for any coins we purchase from you, any coins used for a like kind trade or any coins you purchase from GCC. This enables you to have easy access to your precious metal “financials” for yourself and your loved ones.

We ship by Federal Express directly to your home or office. All transactions by FedEx are fully insured. If you need assistance in sending items to us by FedEx, we can help you with everything from packing materials to shipping instructions to pick-up at the location of your choice. NOTE: We use our discretion when choosing between FedEx Air or Ground depending upon the weight of the shipment.

We pride ourselves for outstanding, courteous customer service and total confidentiality. Let us show you why GCC is a leader in customer satisfaction across the country.
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